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J-R Pizza Plus

126 Spotland Road, Rochdale, OL12 6PJ

Tel: 01706 527 527 / 868 383




Delivery Service

Charged at £1.50

ORDER NOW: 01706 527 527 / 868 383

Rochdale AFC have joined the ever-growing group of professional clubs to utilise the value of a perfect pizza. Post-match, there are fewer foods better for replacing nutrients lost during the match than a pizza, providing it includes vegetables and excludes cheese.

Therefore we are delighted to anounce that the JR Pizza Bar on Spotland Road have become our ficial pizza supplier. JR use top quality produce on thier pizzas and the food is freshly prepared. The lads have enjoyed their new post match regime and we are sure that all pizza loving supporters will enjoy JR Pizza Bar.

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